Release - v1.1.1

Release - v1.1.1


Improved Bookings payout post type cost calculation

Fixed issue with editing working hours where empty fields were being added

Fixed issue with editing listing submit button display

Fixed issue with listing box template 7 where working hours label was overlapping with address on small screens


++ Added confirmation dialog before sending payments

++ Added new geolocation service to choose from

++ Added option to create api key for geolocating services

++ Added Booking ID and Order ID to send payouts table for better ease of use

++ Added support for video background along with image/slider on single listing post

++ Improved single listing layout for mobile devices that import content can come to attention first

Stuff Changed & Files Affected

  • Updated plugin Lisner Core to version: 1.1.1

  • Updated plugin pebasĀ® bookings extension to version 1.0.1

  • style.css

  • includes/pbs__theme__functions.php